My practice areas are three-fold: strategic business development and litigation services for individuals and corporations domiciled in the US and abroad; negotiation/conflict resolution and procurement/contractual disputes; select non-profit advocacy and counsel.

At present specializing in art loss restitution cases and other high-profile cultural property matters, my larger litigation practice is dedicated to superb, culturally-aware counsel in both English and French, deep strategic counsel in international law and commerce and an MBAs constant attention to co-creating business value with my clients, shaped by fifteen years as a US-based senior procurement officer for two of Europes largest pharmaceutical companies, managing a $4bn portfolio.

I build networks that enable international businesses to grow, migrate and adapt to changing market, policy and political conditions.

Pierre Ciric

strategic business development

Creating opportunity through strategic counsel in the practice areas of business evolution and migration, immigration, policy and regulatory issues, and jurisdictional change.

contract law + dispute resolution

Commercial and contract litigation for international business clients and allied dispute resolution services.

non-profit advocacy + counsel

Litigation history includes overseas taxation, citizenship and educational issues for French citizens abroad, and select francophone immigration and asylum cases.